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Crockett Counseling Center
Call us at (925) 370-6544 fax (925) 370-6504

To facilitate change in individuals mandated or by choice. To empower individuals to invest in themselves. We offer an extensive Anger Management /Domestic Violence program that is certified by Anderson and Anderson and Probation approved by Contra Costa County Probation. This enables the Crockett Counlseing Center to facilitate Anger Management/DV classes for those court mandated and or CFS referred. We give signed certificates of completion approved by the Probation department in Contra Costa County. We also offer the 52 week class for batterers that are mandated to attend domestic violence classes by the DV court of Contra Costa County. This is also an Anderson & Anderson model using the Ray of Hope curriculum and a psych-ed approach.

We offer classes for victims of domestic violence. This group is designed to help women rehabilitate themselves to a higher level of functioning. We advocate for housing and for assistance in getting a job as well as directing individuals to financial assistance. We teach the idea that behavior is learned and all behaviors can change with education and choice.


        We take confidentiallity very seriously. We value the relationship between client and therapist. 

        We make it our priority to serve the public in all aspects of mental health

        We believe that all people can benefit from the services offered at the Crockett Counseling Center

        Call us and make a differnce in you and your families lives @ (925) 370-6544 fax (925) 370-6504 



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